HACKFit Mobile App

After participating in the first ever HACKFit hackathon back in September, 2013, I met with the founder to brainstorm what future HACKFit events might look like, building off of the first event (which was a HUGE success and one of the greatest weekends of my life!) One of the best and most unique features about HACKFit is that, unlike most hackathons where you are judged solely on your business idea and hackability, your physical activity levels throughout the weekend are factored into your team’s final score at judging. At the first event, all activity was tracked through Twitter using prescribed hashtags. We thought it would be a great asset to the event if we created an app where you could track all of your activity, compare yourself and your team against everyone else and most importantly, use the app to connect with fellow HACKFitters at and beyond the event. We started with a heavy amount of brainstorming and sketching. When we nailed the specs of what we wanted, I moved to wireframes, prototypes, user testing and a refined user experience. Then it was onto pushing pixels and seeing the app’s UI design come to life.