edX Program Page

edX is a non-profit, open source, online learning platform where learners across the globe can access top tier university courses for free. All of our courses can be accessed at no cost. Additionally, we offer programs, certificates, credit eligible courses at a fraction of the on campus cost.


Role at edX: UX designer on the Learner team and Lead mobile designer


The Problem

When we introduced programs on edX.org, learners had to go through the arduous task of enrolling in each individual course in the program. We saw a large drop off rate in the enrollment process and received tons of support tickets regarding the matter. We learned that in addition to a clunky enrollment flow, learners were also unclear about what a program is, and why they should enroll.



What We Created 

A program page with a bundle purchase option. We also updated the page content and gave the page a clear hierarchy based on what a learner needs to know in order to feel confident in their decision to enroll in a program.


The Process

I started with dozens of tests on usertesting.com to hear what users were saying about our current page and understand pain points. I also talked to support to gain insight into the types of messages they were receiving regarding programs. I did a comprehensive landscape review and some general purchase behavior research and shared my findings with stakeholders across the org. Next, product, UX, and engineering worked together to understand the problem. We (UX team) ran a couple of design studios to get everyone’s ideas – we even had engineers sketching! It was a great collaborative effort. From our collaboration sessions, I moved forward with mobile designs and continued to test my designs on usertesting.com throughout the process. We launched the page first with our white label partners, and have since rolled it out across the site. It has been extremely successful.