Campaign Management SAAS Tool

The Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) is a SAAS platform for enterprises to simplify their marketing processes and pare down the number of tools needed to perform everyday tasks.  I worked on multiple modules within the MMC; featured here is the campaigns module.



The Problem

Launching and managing advertising campaigns is a timely, cumbersome task that involves multiple tools. It is hard to track the creation progress and takes too much time to launch a campaign successfully, with confidence.



What We Created 

A one stop shop where marketing teams can setup complex campaigns and track their performance in real time.


The Process

Our team went through multiple design sprints to land on a clear vision for how to tackle the complex world of campaign creation. Through client feedback, competitive analysis, and research, we became experts on the campaign landscape. Using story mapping and lots of whiteboard sessions, we laid out the skeleton for how we wanted to tackle the campaign builder and manager. The result was a tactfully designed MVP which allowed us to get our product to clients and continue to iterate and improve with confidence as we got pointed feedback from our users.