Hi! I’m Liz.

I am a morning person. I am a yellow/red. I am a user experience designer. I am an athlete. I have a lot of energy.


What am I doing right now?


I am working on a side project. It’s called #remote60. Well, actually I just finished it. I took a 60 day (Feb-March, 2017) adventure in Denver, Colorado, worked remotely (for edX), while exploring, learning, and meeting as many people as possible. I drove across the country to Colorado not knowing a single person, and ran a social experiment on myself to see how my mindset and actions would shift in a new place by myself. What is it like to abandon all of my routines and live every day as a new adventure? The experiment was a wild success, so much so that I have my sights set on moving to Colorado in the coming months. I plan to replicate #remote60 in the future, in a different city.


At the end of May, I had the opportunity to speak at the Open edX conference in Madrid, Spain. I led a UX workshop on User Story Mapping. The goal was to give attendees a tool for allowing more communication, collaboration, and alignment among cross functional teams. The workshop was extremely well received, and I plan on speaking and leading more workshops in the future. Slides can be found here.


I am designing delightful experiences. As a UX designer at edX, I work on the learner team designing experiences that help our learners from enrollment through to achieving their goals. I am also the lead UX designer for the mobile team which gives me the opportunity to collaborate with our mobile development team in Lahore, Pakistan.


I am writing. Check out my latest piece posted on InVision‘s blog: Using Design to Effect Positive Change


I am listening to podcasts. TED Radio Hour. The Tim Ferriss Show. The Moth. (To name a few)


I am reading. Mostly books on design, leadership, business, connection…and how they all intersect. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek and Creative Confidence by The Kelley Brothers are high on my list.


In a nutshell:


Design. I earned my BFA in communication design from the Cleveland Institute of Art. I am particularly inspired by the work of John Maeda, the design thinking process of Tim Brown, and thought leaders Simon Sinek and Seth Godin. Prior to designing at edX, I was a Senior Product & UX Designer at Session M where I worked on multiple products including mPlusPLACES (mobile app) and the Mobile Marketing Cloud (SAAS platform). You can see some of my design work below.


Fitness. I like to run long distances (and short ones too), bike, snowboard, rock climb, move on my yoga mat, lift weights, and  get my butt kicked at bootcamp. I’m game for any physical challenge.


Coffee. I am very particular about my coffee and am definitely a snob when it comes to the matter. I enjoy single origin light roasts brewed to perfection in a Chemex. I’m also a sucker for a good shot of espresso or a coldbrew on a hot day. Lately, I’ve been pretty stoked on Nitro Coldbrew, when it is done right, it is life changing (just like good design).


Just about everything I do revolves around these three things, and that makes me happy. I’d love to chat about any and all of the above topics. Or you could just say hi, that would be nice too. Please get in touch.